Available world wide and *free shipping within Australia
Available world wide and *free shipping within Australia
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Resident artist BrendaWillisArt has been creating art for sale for 4 years and has since sold over 660 items. With a love for flora, fauna and figures, the subject range is diverse and varied. She is passionate about her art and a true believer that art should be for everyone.

Brenda grew up in the country on a farm, moved to the city, lived overseas and has lived by the sea. She now lives in the northern leafy suburbs of Sydney with her hubbie, 3 kids, 1 doggo, 1 fish and 3 chickens. A little bit of the country in the city.

  Art By Post was created in 2020 by Brenda Willis to further her passion of making art accessible to everyone. Art does not need to be daunting or unattainable. Art simply needs to bring joy and make people smile. 


For more information visit @brendawillisart or www.brendawillisart.etsy.com